Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oz, Buddha, Cookies, and Waffles

A photo from the archives. Sweet sisters.

There are some strange things a-brewin' for the kids at DPC.

Book Club this week will be at the Dark's House for boys and girls. There may or may not be Halloween snacks. There will definitely be the reading of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (manga version) for the girls, and probably some trading cards made by the boys. Costumes are definitely welcome.

Only two weeks remain for the Experiencing Homelessness Curriculum. We will then be moving into the Season of Advent.

Sugar Cookie making/decorating will be Saturday 11/26 and Sunday 11/27. These delectable morsels will be sold at Waffle Shop. Adult volunteers are needed for both. Please let Lenae know if you would like to help.

Gift tag crafting is also coming up for the middle school and high school students. The date is not set. What date works for you? Parents and other adults are welcome. These tags will also be sold at Waffle Shop.

Happy Halloween! (almost)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

***Breaking News***

In Sunday School this week...
**We are right in the middle of the Experiencing Homelessness series**

In JuveNiles Choir practice...
**It's still going. 9am Sundays**

In book club this week...

**The boys are still reading Buddha**
**The girls are still reading folk/fairy tales, mythology, and, newly added, Oz: The manga, v.1**

Have a great week!