Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wait, Wait, Wait

A couple photos from our last book club. The boys intrigued by Buddha.
Dorothy started The Scarlet Letter.

On Sunday I handed out (as many as I could remember) calendars for upcoming events. If you didn't get one, they will be available at the classrooms again.
The main points to note are the following:

Sugar cookie decorating (Sunday 11/27)
Pizza eating and Origami making (Sunday 12/18)
Book club is canceled until after Thanksgiving
Advent (11/27-12/18)

Here, I will expand what is on the Calendar for Advent. I believe all ages will enjoy this Advent season as we joyfully look forward to the coming birth of Baby Jesus.
The High School girls will be reading Watch for the Light with Jewly. Authors range from C.S. Lewis to Thomas Merton to T.S. Eliot.
Even the 2-5 year olds will begin to look forward to Christmas as we learning about the quiet, waiting colors of Advent. They will learn about the shepherds, farm animals, Mary, Joseph, and the little baby Jesus.

Their experience will only be enhanced through family participation. If you would like to participate, suggestions are on the calendar. You can find simple instructions online for making an Advent wreath or paper chain calendar together.
Luke 1:26-45 is the suggested reading because this is the "before story." It tells about Mary and Mary's pregnancy with Jesus.
I hope your families are able to embrace this church season of quiet and waiting while we wait, wait, wait for the birth of Jesus.