Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday, April 29

Enjoying a communion snack of rolls and grape juice.
General News

FAMILY CAMPING TRIP May 4-5. RSVP soon to Lenae. All ages are welcome.

VILLAGE DAY was a great success! Five babies and 6 parents enjoyed the morning together, playing and talking, at the Amaral's house. Our next VILLAGE DAY will be May 10.

Nursery News

Sunday School this week will be about "The church, together"
  • Acts 2:42-47
  • What kinds of things do we do at church?
  • It is important for the church to meet together. Discuss with your child why you think this is important.
Elementary News

Book Club this week as usual.

Sunday School this week will be about "The boy in the window"
  • Acts 20:7-12
  • What do you think about this story? 
  • Was this a miracle? 
Middle School News

Book Club as usual.

Sunday School will meet to learn a story and perform a skit.

High School News

Sunday School as usual 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday, April 22

  • Family Camping Trip--May 4-5 at Montgomery Bell State Park. RSVP if you and your kid/kiddos will be joining in the fun. All ages are welcome!

  • VILLAGE DAY--Thursday, April 26, 10-Noon. A DPC nursery play-date. Email Lenae for the address and directions to the Amaral's house.
  • Sunday School Lesson
    • "Remembering"
    • What kinds of things do you celebrate with your family? Birthdays? Christmas? Milestones? 
    • With our God-family, or church family, we celebrate special events. Can you think of any? 
    • Communion is one of those special events we celebrate together. Talk about this with your child.  
  • Book Club--check with David, 6-7:30
  • Sunday School Lesson
    • "Walking, Leaping, and Praising"
    • Acts 3:1-10
    • What do you think about that story?
    • What would it be like to have been the beggar? Other people watching? 
    • What did the man receive? 
Middle School
  • Book Club is ON, 6-7:30. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Week at DPC, April 15

General News

FAMILY CAMPING TRIP--Friday, May 4-Saturday, May 5. All ages (plus parents) welcome! Please RSVP ASAP to Lenae.


VILLAGE DAY-- Parking was an issue today. Next time, Thursday, April 26, we will probably meet in a home. Please contact Lenae if you are interested in hosting.

Sunday School Discussion--Matthew 28:16-20
  • Jesus told his friends to invite more people to join them. This group of people is the church.
  • Who makes up the church?
  • The church is like one BIG family. What do you think about that? What kinds of things does a family do?


Book Club--Talk to David, but we should be ON for this week.

Sunday School--Acts 2:37-47

  • Why might so many people want to join the early church?
  • How did this group of friends treat each other?
  • How are you a part of the church today?

Middle School

Book Club is ON. 6-7:30pm.