Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Experiencing Homelessness, Session 1

Open Table of Nashville has created an outstanding curriculum for the adults of DPC to discuss and learn more about the people in our community who are experiencing homelessness. As many of you know, the adult class started this curriculum this past Sunday and so did the elementary aged members of our community. We have tailored the adult curriculum to meet the needs and learning styles of the elementary aged students.

We explored the history of DPC: when our building opened, when we housed flood victims and soldiers, and when we provide food and support groups. We also explored the questions and observations they have about homelessness: how do people lose their homes? why don't we provide healthier food for them? Another activity explored where homelessness and poverty are mentioned in the Bible. One verse in Leviticus instructed the early Jews to leave the edges of their field or garden for the poor and immigrants. That seems like a lot of food they were supposed to give away!

Next week we will explore more about how someone loses his or her home.

Good News for our nursery! This week we hired Liz Streight to work in the nursery along side Beth. We are so so happy to have two lovely care givers for our youngest members. They are amazing. The middle school girls have also worked out a schedule to volunteer in the nursery about once a month.

Schedule this week:

Friday: NO BOOK CLUB (unless the kids and parents want to organize something)

Sunday: JuveNiles Choir practice
Elementary students in the atrium classroom for Experiencing Homelessness Session 2
Middle School and High School students in Parlor 1 with the adults for E.H. Session 2

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