Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday, April 22

  • Family Camping Trip--May 4-5 at Montgomery Bell State Park. RSVP if you and your kid/kiddos will be joining in the fun. All ages are welcome!

  • VILLAGE DAY--Thursday, April 26, 10-Noon. A DPC nursery play-date. Email Lenae for the address and directions to the Amaral's house.
  • Sunday School Lesson
    • "Remembering"
    • What kinds of things do you celebrate with your family? Birthdays? Christmas? Milestones? 
    • With our God-family, or church family, we celebrate special events. Can you think of any? 
    • Communion is one of those special events we celebrate together. Talk about this with your child.  
  • Book Club--check with David, 6-7:30
  • Sunday School Lesson
    • "Walking, Leaping, and Praising"
    • Acts 3:1-10
    • What do you think about that story?
    • What would it be like to have been the beggar? Other people watching? 
    • What did the man receive? 
Middle School
  • Book Club is ON, 6-7:30. 


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