Tuesday, August 9, 2011

JuveNiles Choir Camp 2011

Weekly update for the church:
"Jubilate, everybody, serve the Lord in all your ways..."

Last week was choir camp. If I am correct, the first ever youth choir camp at DPC.
We had several faithful and lovely volunteers who helped make it possible.
William Taylor also made it possible with his musical skills.
And without our wonderful kids who already had an ear and voice for music, it would not have been possible.

We started each day with voice warm ups..."eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one," we sang to a descending scale.
We also played music theory games, like musical bingo, to help us learn the names of rests, notes, and other musical language.

On Saturday, we picnic-ed at Sevier Park with many other friends and SafeHaven Families.
Despite the rain, we had a great time eating, playing, and enjoying each other's company.

But now, choir camp is over.
Youth may still join the JuveNiles at any time.
We will sing one Sunday each month with practice (9am) preceding the service (11am).

This week and next week, many of our youth are starting the 2011-2012 school year.

For the kids:
Good luck with school!
Many of you said you would like to continue book club during the school year.
So, we need to decide what day will work best for all of us.
Also, be thinking of book ideas...I have a few ideas.

See you Sunday!
Peace and love.

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  1. What a great work! Thanks Lenae!