Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Routine and Ritual

Goodmorning, friends! Here is your weekly update for the DPC youth.

For most of our youth, school has begun! Back to routine, back to ritual.

This week we had 9 people show up for the JuveNiles choir practice. Way to wake up early!

We are searching for another "full-time" (3hr.s a week, paid) nursery worker to assist Beth with the little ones.

The elementary kids read a book, Pajama Light, about one girl's ritual of a night-time walk with her dad. Of course, the kids are too smart to be stumped by me, and they pointed out that this girl does the same thing "over and over and over." We call that ritual. So, we continued our "Ritual of Play" painting cardboard houses/police stations/secret agent headquarters (I think it was our third week working on them). You'll have the opportunity to explore their creations on September 3rd!

The middle school girls also continued work on their cardboard houses. They had some interesting discussion with David (though I didn't catch it all). We also decided on the next few books they want to read in book club. Which brings me to...

Book CLUB! The girls would like to continue book club on Friday evenings this Fall, beginning with The Mysterious Benedict Society. So, hopefully that will continue this week or next.

Now, for our high school girls. They are finishing a beautiful mixed media portrait of themselves that will (hopefully!) be done for September 3rd. They are working hard with Julie to finish on time.

That's all, folks.