Saturday, June 23, 2012

24 June 2012


  • We gathered for our last VILLAGE DAY of the summer on Friday. Several moms and babies had a great time hanging out indoors and outdoors. We're looking forward to continuing this event in the fall. 
  • Please fill out a "Parental Consent form" and return it to Lenae. This will help us know important information about your child/children and give us permission to take and use photos for DPC. Thanks for your help!
  • Lenae will go on maternity leave any day now. Our very own Courtney Schultz will step in for those six weeks. Please welcome her as she facilitates the youth program during this time. You may direct any questions to her or to the education committee (Samera and Megan).


  • Sunday School
    • "History of the Gifts: Minerals" 
      • Minerals are things like salt and gold. Some of them are very helpful to our bodies (like salt) and some of them are beautiful to use and look at ( like gold). 
      • Can you think of uses for these minerals?
      • What else might be a mineral?
  • VILLAGE DAY will continue in the fall. Thanks for making it a fun event!
Elementary/Middle School

  • Sunday School
    • "History of the Gifts: Minerals"
      • The mineral world includes things like salt, gold, and marble. 
      • Can you think of uses for these minerals?
      • Do you know what mineral God asked his people to use for a very special box, the Ark of the Covenant? 
High School

  • Weekend trip. Have fun!

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