Friday, June 29, 2012

July 1, 2012--"Ocean"

The History of the Gifts: Ocean

  • VILLAGE DAY will resume in the fall. 
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL this week will focus on the gift of the ocean. What do we find useful in the ocean? Fish? Seaweed? Salt? What is beautiful in the ocean? This week we will make sea creatures to display in the end of summer art show. We will also hear about a group of friends who thought the sea wouldn't give them any fish. But they were wrong!
  • PARENTAL CONSENT forms are in the nursery on the counter. Please fill one out for your child with updated information. Thank you!
Elementary/Middle School
  • BOOK CLUB at David and Sarah's--check with them for schedule changes.
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL--In the ocean we find many useful and beautiful gifts. What are some of those gifts? Can you think of a story where the sea gave bountiful gifts to a group of hungry friends? This week we'll explore that story and more. 
  • PARENTAL CONSENT forms are in the nursery and snack room. Please fill one out for your child with updated information. Thank you!
High School 
  • Welcome back!
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL with Jewly. Songwriting. Join the other youth if songwriting is finished.
  • PARENTAL CONSENT forms are in the snack room and the nursery. Please fill one out with updated information. Thank you!
  •  We hope to care for your child in the best possible way while at DPC. To help us do that, please fill out and turn in a Parental Consent form. This helps us be more aware of allergies, emergency contact info., etc. for your child.
  • While Lenae is away on maternity leave (any day now), Courtney Shultz will facilitate Sunday School classes and youth activities. Please contact her or the education committee if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 
  • Looking ahead: The kids are learning about the History of the Gifts (of Creation) this summer. One lesson will look at plants, fruits and flowers. In conjunction with this lesson, I would like to propose a challenge for the DPC youth. The challenge is to bring in at least one paper item each for the DPC paper collection. The following is the information provided in the e-votion:
    • "Paper Supplies & More.... Donations in July.  DPC will be collecting paper supplies during the month of July, including copy paper (especially legal size), napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, cups, plates, bowls, etc
    • As part of this year's paper collection, we are expanding the list to include coloring books, diapers (any size) and baby wipes. These are for a special Outreach project to create emergency boxes for when children are in the intake process with the Department of Human Services (DHS), being transitioned into a foster home.


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