Friday, June 15, 2012

June 17--History of the Gifts: Space

"Sunrise in Space" by Jeff Michelmann
  • Summer Art is underway! 
  • Please take a couple minutes to fill out our new DPC Parental Consent form. This will give leaders important information about your child (allergies, emergency contact, etc. ). It will also give you the opportunity to accept or decline pictures of your child during DPC activities. As always, these photos will not be misused, but we would like your permission to use them in newsletters and on the blog.  You can find this form in the email sent this week, or at DPC.

  • Ages 6 weeks-5 years
  • Last VILLAGE DAY of the summer--Friday, June 22, 10:30-Noon at Lenae's House (see flyers at church or email Lenae for address). A time to talk and play.
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL--"History of the Gifts: Space"--How is space a gift? Does the sun give us anything we need? Does the moon help us at all? What about stars? Are they beautiful to look at? Do you know who was promised to have as many family members as there are stars? Discuss this with your child this week, and join us Sunday to explore space even more. We'll also create stars out of clay. 
Elementary/Middle School
  • BOOK CLUB--at the Darks' house. 6-7:30pm. 
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL--"History of the Gifts: Space"--meet in the snack room at 9:45, then the atrium at 10am. How is space a gift? What is useful in space? What is beautiful? Do you know who was promised to have as many family members as there are stars? Join us Sunday to discuss this in more detail and to create clay art.
High School
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL--songwriting with Jewly or join the other youth for "History of the Gifts: Space" 
  • Coming Soon: Trip to Dollywood!

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